Fresh off the line and work-ready, Workforce25 is our base crane body package that can make an impact on the job site right away. Like all Workforce upfits, Venturo ensures high quality with on-site factory installations handled by skilled technicians.

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Additional strength and reach make the Workforce45 crane body package a workhorse. Factory-installed by Venturo technicians to be work-ready, a work truck equipped with this package is able to get moving as soon as you are.

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In-stock so you can be in-service, all Workforce crane body package options are work-ready. Workforce55 just brings a little more power to the job site with a longer reach than the 25 and a higher max capacity than the 25 and 45.

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Max capacity, max capabilities. Workforce66 is our heaviest duty and most powerful work-ready crane body package. Skilled Venturo technicians roll these out to give you an in-stock work truck option for the most demanding jobs.

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